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Ted Reeve Hockey Association



Championship Day Schedule
Apr 2, 4 months ago | (0) Comments
By: tedreevehockey
Finally - the day you've all been waiting for! While the GTHL and Selects bring glory to Ted...
Mar 26, 4 months ago | (0) Comments
By: tedreevehockey
Just when you thought the month of April couldn't get anymore exciting, it does. Keep your skates...
Mar 16, 5 months ago | (0) Comments
By: tedreevehockey
It's that time of year again: GTHL Thunder tryouts! On the weekend of April 18th & 19th - Ted...
Ready For Your Close Up? Picture Day Jan 17th & 24th
Jan 2, 7 months ago | (0) Comments
By: tedreevehockey
Goodbye chaos!  Remember how chaotic it used to be on picture day? Each team filing in and...
The little Big M scores, but The Moaner is conspicuously absent on opening night
Nov 19, 8 months ago | (0) Comments
By: tedreevehockey
By Stephen Wickens Mayor Leslie Saunders and Controller Ross Lipsett, a local representative at...

House League

The Ted Reeve Hockey Association House League is the foundation of our hockey program and is open to children at every skill level.

From superstar to just learning to skate, house leagues offers a less competitive environment than select. House league directors and coaches aim to develop team players who respect their peers, understand the game and play it with heart.

The Ted Reeve Hockey Association house league is a great way to introduce your budding superstar to our national pastime and carry on a true East York tradition. In fact, we have many multi-generational families that all played or volunteered at Ted Reeve going back almost 60 years! 

When Do House League Teams Play?

The younger divisions (tyke through to bantam or ages 5-14) play on Saturday between 8am and approximately 6pm. The younger the player, the earlier in the day they'll play. 

Midget and CRML (ages 15-17) play on Monday nights. 

Continue to house league schedules

How Much Does It Cost To Play House League Hockey?

It costs $415.00 per player. 

To register, continue here . Please note there is no in person registration for the 2014/2015 year. The only way to register is online. 

To follow the standings, continue here

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